A Politics of Humility

A Politics of Humility


This campaign is dedicated to the memory of a forgotten virtue – humility.

Our politics should not be dominated by arrogance, self-importance, and a refusal to reflect on the well-intentioned perspectives of our adversaries.

Let this campaign strive for a Twenty-First Century humility. A recognition that the world is complex and that society’s challenges come from multiple causes that aren’t always clear. A recognition that no single person can grasp it all.

Let us remind ourselves that humility is not weakness. It is not indecisiveness. Bold and ambitious proposals can originate from a place of humility. Humility is having the self-confidence to alter one’s views upon receiving new facts. Humility is constantly striving to increase one’s understanding of the world. It means seeking out new facts rather than seeking to re-enforce what we already believe.


And why is all this important? Some politicians are fond of talking about trickle-down economics. What if there exists a trickle-down ethics? What if intellectually dishonest and self-serving behavior trickles right on down from Washington to our local elected officials, and then spreads out like a contagion?

Since the 2016 election season, we have witnessed in Arizona an alarming degree of narcissism, arrogance, and unethical behavior from our elected officials:

For these reasons, this campaign will strive for a politics of humility. Sometimes, it will fall short. But civic grace is something worth pursuing.

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