Tell the State: Support Arizona's Hospitals

On Thursday, the Santa Cruz Valley Regional Hospital announced that it faces imminent closure due to financial strain. Also known as the Green Valley Hospital, this facility serves more than 40,000 people. Its closure amid a pandemic would be devastating.

All Arizona hospitals are experiencing an uptick in COVID-19 patients, and they are simultaneously suffering from a decline in revenue. Congress passed federal assistance to hospitals, but bureaucratic delays in Washington are likely to prevent a timely bailout of our community hospital.

Add your name to our petition to Governor Ducey, AZ Speaker of the House Russell Bowers, and AZ Senate President Karen Fann:

  • Gov. Ducey, please allocate money from the Public Health Emergencies Fund to keep our hospitals open and fully staffed during this crisis (there are $26 million of unused funds as of April 6);
  • Gov. Ducey, please relax – for smaller hospitals specifically – your requirement that more hospital beds be added, which creates a financial burden for small hospitals; and
  • Rep Bowers and Senator Fann, please reconvene the state legislature by videoconference to approve additional money from the state's "rainy day" fund.



Billy Peard

Democrat for Arizona State House, Leg. District 2

Steve Diamond

Democrat for Pima County Board of Supervisors, District 4